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Customers who receive sewer service from Warren Water are billed monthly with their water and sewer charges together in one, itemized statement. The charges for sewer service are based on a system that collects only the cost of providing that service to a customer. Smith’s Grove residents are billed using a system of rates different than other Warren County residents because of the added costs required to provide wastewater service to that portion of the county.

Smith’s Grove residents inquiring about their service should click here for information.

Your sewer bill is calculated based on three items:
1. Minimum use charge
2. Volume charge
3. Applicable Taxes

A minimum use charge is applied to your bill in order to cover the costs of providing service including things such as system maintenance, meter reading and more. The charge also permits a specified amount of wastewater disposal.

Customer Type Meter Size Minimum Charge per Month
Typical residential property 5/8 x 3/4-inch $10.78
(includes 2,000 gallons per month)
Commercial 2-inch $65.52
(includes 16,000 gallons per month)
Industrial 6-inch $319.92
(includes 100,000 gallons per month)

For a full listing of sewer rates and charges, click here.

A volume charge is applied when you dispose of wastewater in amounts over what is included in the minimum use charge. A block of rates apply to all wastewater disposal and are the same regardless of meter size. The rates are listed in the table below.

(above the amount included in minimum)
Next 6,000 gallons $4.59 per 1,000 gallons
Next 12,000 gallons $3.40 per 1,000 gallons
Next 80,000 gallons $3.01 per 1,000 gallons
Over 100,000 gallons $2.39 per 1,000 gallons

An applicable tax is added to the bill of non-residential customers only. The customers subject to this 6 percent state sales tax are permitted to submit a tax exemption form to Warren Water.

Example of Bill Calculation for Residential Customer:

The bill for an average Warren Water residential customer (5/8 x 3/4-inch meter) disposing of 4,000 gallons of wastewater during a one-month period would include:

Minimum Bill (includes 2,000 gallons) $10.78
Next 2,000 gallons (2 x $4.59) + $9.18

Example of Bill Calculation for Commercial Customer:

The bill for an average Warren Water commercial customer (2-inch meter) disposing of 42,000 gallons of wastewater during a one-month period would include:

Minimum Bill (includes 16,000 gallons) $65.52
Next 4,000 gallons (4 x $3.40) $13.60
Next 22,000 gallons (22 x $3.01) + $66.22
State Sales Tax, 6% ($145.34 x .06) + $8.72
Total Bill $154.06

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