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Warren County Water District understands the need for commercial and industrial customers to access information about wastewater discharge standards and fire flow availabilities.

Whether you’re a current customer or you’re a business looking to locate in Warren County, this page is designed to give you a glimpse of our services to commercial and industrial customers. Click here for the complete Sewer Use Ordinance. If you have any questions or require more detailed information, don’t hesitate to call us at (270) 842-0052.

Warren County Water District Industrial Wastewater Discharge Standards

The City of Bowling Green has set forth wastewater discharge requirements and standards in Chapter 23 of the Code of Ordinances. The ultimate goal to be achieved by adherence to the discharge requirements is to provide a satisfactory effluent, without violating any applicable law or regulation. Maximum concentrations of certain constituents have been established and are listed in the following table. The information provided here is a brief summary of the sewer use ordinance. Please reference the actual ordinance for detailed information.

Constituent limits mg/l* Constituent limits mg/l*
Arsenic 0.84 Nickel 1.500
Barium 2.500 Oils, Grease, Fats, (non-hydrocarbon) 100
Beryllium 0.004 Oils, Grease, (hydrocarbon) 25
Cadmium 0.02 Phenol, Pentachloro 0.29
Chlorides 1,600 pH 6-11 s.u.
Chromium VI 0.08 Selenium 0.040
Chromium, Total 2.770 Silver 0.106
Copper 0.650 Sulfides 5.0
Cyanides 0.15 TTO 2.13
Iron 15.00 Total Dissolved Solids future limit possible
Lead 0.200 Zinc 2.50
Mercury 0.001

*The limit applies to either a composite sample or a grab sample expressed as a maximum daily concentration in milligrams per liter (mg/l). The above mentioned constituents and limitations are subject to review and revision with Kentucky NREPC concurrence. This action to occur at the time of each NPDES permit renewal as a minimum.

Surcharges for waste strengths above the following discharge values may be assessed:

Constituent Concentration Above(mg/l)
BOD5 300
COD 450
TSS 300
NH3-N 25

Sewer surcharges shall be based upon the average of the analysis of at least two samples taken during any one month and shall remain in effect for a minimum of one month. Sewer surcharges will be billed with the regular sewer service bill. A surcharge may be assessed for BOD or COD, but not for both parameters simultaneously. No reduction in sewer service charges, fees or taxes shall be permitted because of the fact that certain wastewaters discharged to the sanitary sewer contain less than the maximum allowable concentration as defined above.

Establishments involved in the preparation of food for commercial or public purposes shall provide grease interceptors or traps. The interceptors or traps shall be constructed of impervious materials capable of withstanding abrupt and extreme changes in temperatures and shall be of substantial construction, gastight, watertight and equipped with easily removable covers. For new or remodeled (food handling) establishments, the minimum capacity for an exterior-type grease trap five hundred (500) gallons, based upon rectangular dimensions that will support a liquid (depths) of at least three (3) feet and six (6) inches. Existing food handling establishments must within two (2) years of written notification, install grease trap(s) on all wastewater drain piping, except floor drains. For existing facilities, approved floor or flush mounted, under the fixture units will be permitted. The capacity of such units will be determined by the size, number and types of fixtures utilized by the grease trap.


Location Minimum Available Flow * ** (gpm) Maximum Available Flow * ** (gpm)
Kentucky TriModal Transpark 3,300 13,000
North Industrial Park 1,100 2,000
Scotty's Industrial Park 1,300 1,900
South Central Kentucky Industrial Park 2,600 4,000
* Flow at 20 psi.
** These flow ranges are approximate and may not be accurate for design. Please contact the WCWD for reliable, specific information.
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